Program Title

Expert Course Program

2 weeks  |  Ages 4 to 10+

1,000.00 HKD

You will need to enroll in the following Courses first before enrolling in this course:

Included Courses

Course 1: You are an A-level Painter

Introduction: Confirm that you are A-level

Course breakdown

  1. Preparation to be A-level painter
  2. Holding A-level tools
  3. Daily practice to becoming an A-level painter
  4. The importance of completing A-level’s homework
Course 2: Famous teachers make high apprentices

Introduction: Famous Painting Master Series. Draw famous paintings with famous teachers, understand the basics of the evolution of art, learn observation, analysis, composition content and techniques; explore the minds of famous teachers and the meaning behind them.

Course breakdown

  1. Qi Qi pretends to be Picasso and disassembles the composition of famous paintings
  2. Abstract Painting in the Eyes of Famous Masters 1-Answering the Polyhedron of Painting
  3. Understand the Van Gogh behind "Starry Night" and analyze the exercises of famous teachers in using colors and lines
  4. Abstract Painting in the Eyes of Famous Teachers 2-Answers to Painting Polyhedrons
  5. Meet the patience of the famous teacher Monet
  6. Learn from the observational power of the famous teacher Monet
Course 3: Handy A-level drawing skills

Introduction: Learn the concept of color, the principle of perspective, sketching skills, light and shadow, texture and texture, the use of colors, and master painting skills.

Course breakdown

  1. Color concept – cold and warm
  2. Shape mastering, understanding the natural laws of light and shadow
  3. Open your A-level’s perspective eyes
  4. Surreal perspective works
  5. Accurate depiction by A-level painters
  6. Describe like an A-level painter
  7. Painting an A-level human face structure
Course 4: Bringing out your A-level creativity

Introduction: Consolidate the foundation, improve technical proficiency, and give full play to creativity; in addition to graphic creation, three-dimensional creation and manual creation are also added to the content

Course breakdown

  1. The basis of stereo cards
  2. Create unique three-dimensional cards 1
  3. Create unique three-dimensional cards 2
  4. Create unique three-dimensional cards 3
  5. Restudy of A-level depiction
  6. Unexpected creation of paper clay 1
  7. Unexpected creation of paper clay 2
  8. Unexpected creation of paper clay 3
Course 5: Breaking out of the inherent creative frame

Introduction: This chapter allows you to be more creative, out of your inherent thinking, and break through your potential. In addition to graphic creation, the content also includes three-dimensional creation and handwork

Course breakdown

  1. Plane Dense Paving Series 1
  2. Plane Dense Paving Series 2
  3. Depth description
  4. See three-dimensional from a plane
Course 6: Affirm yourself

Introduction: This chapter makes you more sure that you include your work! You come to express yourself! Teach you to gradually express your creations with confidence and clarity. As an A-level painter, you need to record a video to complete your homework

Course breakdown

  1. Express your works in 5 steps
  2. Practice makes perfect
  3. A-level painter’s stage show

You will need to enroll in the following Courses first before enrolling in this course:

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